Yikes! It has been a busy week and a half! What have we been up to here in Sevilla?

1. We went to Paris! For 5 days, to visit our friend Joanna who has quite an interesting job with the American embassy. Although we meant it to be a 4 day stay, fate intervened (aka a national transportation strike in Spain) and we had to stay an extra day. What a pity!

2. We (finally!) started our jobs! After 3 weeks, it feels like a very delayed start on the whole reason why we’re here. The teachers love putting me in the hot seat, and leaving me to the mercy of 30 Spanish teenagers to ask me questions such as what is your favorite color? What is your opinion of the current economic crisis? Do you have any pets? And do you have a boyfriend? The 12 year olds are sooooo cute! The 16 year olds, well, I have to admit I’m still a bit scared of them. At least all of the teachers I have worked with so far are extremely friendly. And I only have to work 3 days a week!

3. And, very importantly, we got internet for our apartment! So now I have no excuse not to update the blog.

Voila! And there you have it! Our last week and a half. I’m thinking of publishing a couple of successive posts on our Paris trip, if you’d like to read about our culinary and visual discoveries!