This past weekend, Julia and I, along with several people we met at our orientations, went to Lagos, Portugal. It’s reputed to be a great beach getaway, and a favorite escape from the cold and rain for northern Europeans. Lagos is a beautiful city, with dramatic coastlines a la Big Sur and a charming downtown filled with good restaurants and fun dance clubs. Sadly, we had the misfortune of visiting during a weekend forecasted to be full of showers. We were tenacious and insisted on our beach time, even if it was interrupted by sprints to shelter during the intermittent downpours. You can see the rapid weather shifts in the pics below:










These pictures were taken within 15 minutes of each other! Though we didn’t achieve tans (or a sunburn on my part), we did discover that the people in Lagos believe in good food, and generous portions of it. None of this tapas business to be found. A lot of what we had was very familiar- burgers, pasta carbonara, and fresh seafood. One of our favorite discoveries was a little crepe and cake place owned by a German lady living in Lagos. She makes her cakes fresh every morning, and rotates the kinds of cakes she has. She also is passionate about gnomes, and uses them liberally in her decorations. They even mischievously found their way into the pictures I took of her delicious creations.










It’s not too clear in the pics, but the cheesecake and chocolate cake are surrounded by whipped cream and mixed fruits. She also served our tea and coffee in china cups and saucers- such a cute touch! Did I mention the cakes are 2 euros for a slice? The little place felt imbued with the owner’s personality, passions and eccentricities, which made for an original and fun experience. This is what food chains can never recreate.

The owner of the German cake café told us, “You either hate or love Lagos.” I don’t know about living there, but as a visitor, I couldn’t see find what there was to hate. Even in the rain.

Today was a Spanish holiday, and since I have Mondays and Fridays off, I just have to work tomorrow and Thursday. I think I will be sorely traumatized when I get a real job! On the downside, I caught a major cold this weekend. I feel sorry for my seat partner on the train tomorrow!