On Saturday, Julia and I ventured out to a park near our apartment to grab dinner at the Festival of Nations, a temporary installation of merchandise and food booths representative of countries around the world. 2 weeks ago, we had the most horrible Mexican food I have ever encountered: a concoction of 2 soggy tortillas topped with a rubbery square of cheese warmed in a microwave that claimed to be an enchilada. This time, we picked the Brazilian booth, with hopes that the attendees, decked in their flag colors from head-to-toe and moving energetically to their music, would prepare some decent food. Though not as bad as the Mexican, the Brazilian fell in at mediocre- a salty black bean and meat stew with rice, and toasted manioc flour. Fortunately, there is always a show to distract the festival-goers, such as African drummers or Argentinian dancers.

On our way home, we encountered an entirely different kind of spectacle. We could hear loud music and crowds of people in the street perpendicular to ours, so we wandered over to see. Here is what we found…

I recorded a little video of this for ya’ll, but WordPress would not let me upload it, and Facebook said it would take a mere 892 hours 27 minutes to upload! Our internet connection in the apartment is reliable, but a little slow, which makes uploading pictures a tediously long process and uploading videos apparently impossible. So, here is a picture- it was a procession of a float topped with Virgin Mary, carried on the shoulders of about 20 men, complete with marching band behind. I think this is a little preview of what we will see during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in April! I love that this city that has surprises around every corner:-)