Last weekend, Julia and I had a massive picture exchange (she has over 600 photos from our time here so far!!!) and I thus came into possession of some photographs she took of our apartment the day we moved in. We probably took them for security reasons- in case our landlord claims that we’ve run off with all of his most valuable items when June rolls around- but they’re coming in handy now to give you all a look at the place where we pass a lot of our time. Without further ado, The Dos Jotas Mesón!

The dining room

The living room

My bedroom- sans decoration!

Julia and I in the kitchen with our keys on our first day in the apartment! Yes, that is a clothes washer underneath our counter:-) And our little 2-burner stovetop!

Our front door, or what my dad likes to call our Fort Knox locks.

Why the nickname “El Mesón Dos Jotas”? There is a bar nearby called the Mesón Cinco Jotas, which roughly translates as the Five Js Table. So, Julia and I decided to christen our little apartment the Mesón Dos Jotas, or Two Js Table. We even found these tiles for our kitchen to make it more official…

Oh! And I can’t forget the view from the roof…

View of the Giralda, the Cathedral’s bell tower and formerly the minaret of a mosque. The structure is an iconic symbol of Sevilla. It’s a lovely thing to look at when we’re hanging up our laundry to dry!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the virtual tour!!!