Today, Julia and I had the privilege of witnessing a Spanish wedding! Or at least a wedding in Spanish. An American couple got married at the church we’ve been attending for the past month, and the whole congregation was invited to come. The wedding took place at the time of the usual Sunday morning services. A truly traditional Spanish wedding would be in a cathedral, and the attendees decked out in their full flair. This church is a much humbler space (although the youth group tricked it out with tulips, ribbons, and a rose petal aisle to make it quite special) and the dress code was pretty casual. The ceremony was very similar to other  services I’ve attended in the States. Though we didn’t know the couple, it was great to get witness their happy day!

The pretty wedding program and a neat little bag of rice to throw! I guess PETA hasn’t caught wind that the Spanish birds are still potential victims of wedding rice!